Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Write Because

I can't help it
my head swirls with relentless images
there are too many colors to see all at once
because afternoons are warm and hazy
because midnight is soft and clear
because rain is sharp and unapologetic.

My heart is too full of hopes and fears
yet i don't speak as often as i should, and
because i can't try to have this conversation with my mother
because Emily asked to have it in black and white
because i haven't met you yet, and so cannot tell you to your face how i feel
yet i know you are there.

The sounds of words keep me awake at night
because the rhythms get stuck in my head
because my fingers twitch with tense, restless energy.

No one else has said it yet, or else
they've all said it, but i want to say it again
because some things bear repeating
because otherwise, i would forget
because how else can i unravel the many layers of meaning in
a season, or in a moment?

I write because i can't help it.