I'm living in Quincy, MA, trying to pay the bills so that i can write. If you're looking for a blog that's actually about something, go elsewhere, because this is the Seinfeld of blogs: it's about nothing. If, on the other hand, you're looking for a conversation, sit down and grab a cup of coffee, because we may be here for a while.

I recently graduated (Magna cum Laude, thankyouverymuch) with two BAs, one in English creative writing and one in the psychology of child and adolescent development. I'm currently enrolled in a graduate program for a master's degree in secondary education. I am a woman, but my name is not Judith Elsroad. The URL for this blog is my old pen-name; Judith Elsroad is my new one. One day i will learn how to Internet correctly and there will be less confusion. I have three tattoos and six piercings.

I don't capitalize the first person singular. I think it's an arbitrary rule that exposes (and perhaps subconsciously engenders) a deep-seated arrogance and self-centeredness. No other pronouns are regularly capitalized. Many people (including myself) capitalize "He", "Him", "You", etc. when they are referencing God, but this is by no means a hard and fast rule of English grammar. When it is done, it is done out of a reverence for God and a desire to distinguish Him from all others, even when He is only referred to by a pronoun. So i don't distinguish myself in that way. I'm conceited enough as it is. Hence the blog.

I don't always like to say that i am a Christian. That word has too many negative connotations. I like Jesus just fine; it's everyone else i have a problem with. I combine introversion with misanthropy to such a degree that it is truly due only to the grace of God that i have any friends at all. That and the fact that most of my friends are also terrible people who enjoy my biting sarcasm (when it is directed at others).

And i really like parentheses.