Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gender Equality

Women have to be everything all at once. We must be soft and warm and nurturing. We must be hard and cold and commanding. We must be "feminine", and glory in shoes and cosmetics and flowers and throw pillows. We must be "masculine", and glory in athletics and competition and information.

Women must be passionate about their academic and professional goals. We must desire to excel, striving for perfect grades, promotions, distinctions, awards, and "success". We must also be passionate about our families and homes, wanting to raise our children, clean our houses, and cook our meals.

Career women are condemned for deserting their homes and hiring nannies and housekeepers, or sending their children to daycare. It is said that they are cold and heartless cunts, who care more for their own personal gains than for their families. They should be ensuring that their children do not eat too much junk food or spend too much time playing video games, and they are directly responsible for all cases of juvenile delinquency and childhood obesity in America.

Housewives are mocked for never doing anything with their college degrees, assuming they obtained them at all. It is said that they are silly, empty-headed disgraces to Rosie the Riveter, and Susan B. Anthony, and all the rest of the Sisterhood. They could have done great things with their lives, and instead they chose to dust furniture and change diapers.

Here is the truth: every woman is different. Some women, though they dearly love their children and their homes, find their ultimate fulfillment outside of the house. They work hard to support their families, and are glad to be shining examples to their children (especially their daughters) of all that Woman can be. And some women, though they have their hobbies and interests outside of the home, find their ultimate fulfillment in dusting furniture and changing diapers. They understand that they are a living, breathing, shining example to their children (especially their daughters) of loving self-sacrifice, and of Family, and of how Woman can use her gifts of intellect, athleticism, and so on to create a perfect home environment for husband and children.

Men are not allowed to be anything at all, ever. Men cannot be too soft and warm and nurturing, or they will be called names. They cannot be too hard and cold and commanding, or they will be accused of bad fatherhood/domineering over their female coworkers and subordinates. A man who is secure and confident must surely be using Freudian stratagems to intimidate women so that they will not be a threat to him in the workplace. A man who is gentle and kind must surely be less than a man.

If a man is passionate about his academic and professional goals, he is an automaton who has no interest in culture, or children, or romance. He simply wants to outdo everyone else so that he can feed his own ego, and he cares nothing about anyone else in the world, and he probably has some sort of social disorder, and is very likely a homophobe.

If a man is passionate about home and family life, he is a pussy who has allowed his wife to emasculate him, forcing him to buy a minivan and cook oatmeal, and probably wear a frilly apron while he sings the baby to sleep. He has no pride, no ambition, and no masculinity.

Here is the truth: every man is different. Some of them find their ultimate fulfillment at home, caring for their children, cooking meals for their families, and attending PTA meetings. They understand the immense role that they are playing in their childrens' lives, by being a constant example of loving authority, guidance, and fun. They love to play games with their children, they don't mind reading the same story again and again, and they can imagine no greater pride and joy than watching the first few wobbly steps, bike rides, alphabets, dances, pitches, brush strokes, and so forth. This is their greatest accomplishment: their children can run fast, jump high, write smoothly, paint brightly, sing loudly, and dance with joy. And some men find their ultimate fulfillment outside of the home, knowing that the work they do supports their families. They are glad to do some good in the world, to bring about changes in their small spheres of existence, to follow their passions and accomplish their dreams of success and personal growth.

And on a side note, a woman who is interested in sports or business or math is not automatically assumed to be a lesbian. Why should a man who is interested in art or music or theater automatically be assumed gay? A gay man can work in construction, or run for public office, or practice law or medicine, or teach chemistry. And a straight man can perform on Broadway, or dance ballet, or write poetry, or direct community theater. Let's not assume. We all know what that does to you and me.

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