Friday, September 28, 2012

John 18-21, Acts 1-5

There are a lot of serious and impressive miracles that happen in Acts. It's kind of a weird book: when people aren't raising the dead or speaking in tongues, they're having meetings and voting on church issues. It goes back and forth between sci-fi thriller and church meeting transcript throughout the whole 28 chapters. It's a very serious book.

So why am i reading the first few chapters and picturing scenes from the Three Stooges?

The apostles get arrested for blaspheming and working on the Sabbath and whatnot. They are put in prison overnight, and they simply walk out (through the power of Jesus' name and the Holy Spirit within them). The religious leaders freak out, hunt them down, and arrest them again, and they walk out again. It's downright slapsticky.

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