Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Lazarus is our mouse. My cat, Charlotte, has actually caught him several times. She chases him and plays with him like he's simply the world's best cat toy. I'm not sure she has realized yet that he is potential food. I have seen them chasing each other around the house like real-life Tom and Jerry. In fact, Charlotte does look a little like Tom.

Several times, i have heard Lazarus' frenzied squeaks as Charlotte's play gets a little rough. Yet not only does he always manage to somehow escape, but he keeps coming back. Hence the name.

We do not have an overly messy apartment, so there are not many places for him to hide. We do not leave lots of food out, so there is not anything for him to eat. And there is a large, fast, highly intelligent cat who loves to catch and torture him. Why does he keep coming back?

A few days ago, one of my roommates found Lazarus' body. Apparently, one of the cats was finally successful. Let's see if he shows up again in a few weeks.

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