Wednesday, February 13, 2013


In the morning, i drink coffee: hot, dark, and bold. Boiling water blasts through grounds, streaming dark and heavy into a glass pot, into a ceramic mug. Brown sugar in the bottom, cream swirling through, chaos moves to uniformity and order. Not for me the flavored non-dairy additions. Not for me the chemical sweeteners. Give me dark beans, slightly burnt, ground rough and percolated. This is how i start the day.

In the afternoon, i drink tea: warm, light, and mild. Leaves sit in hot water, gently releasing floral notes and antioxidants. Golden honey melts into liquid, flavors blending like a three-part harmony: green tea, hibiscus flowers, raw honey. You have to give the tea time to steep. You have to give the honey time to melt. You have to sip gently, like wine, and savor the complex layers in the cup. Take a pause, take a breath, take a sip.

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