Wednesday, June 5, 2013


There are a couple of quick meals that i eat at least once a week. For example, when i stay at my boyfriend's house (three or four nights a week), i pack a breakfast for the morning. It has to be something ready to eat so i don't have to do any cooking, and it has to be in one container so i don't have to carry too much back and forth. Enter: yogurt!

I start with a layer of frozen fruit. From a bag. Stop judging me. I use fresh when it's in season, and i roasted some fresh peaches recently (omg, peach pie for breakfast. sooooo gooooood). Anyway, this is mixed fruit: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and mango.

And then i drench them in raw honey. This was a Himalayan acacia honey.

And then there's that blanket of Greek yogurt. I like the Cabot Creek full fat kind: heavy, creamy, and smooth. One bite and you'll never buy fruit-on-the-bottom again.

On Mondays, i eat vegetarian. And obviously, i still need protein. And flavor. And a filling meal.

So i throw some kale or spinach into a skillet with tomatoes, garlic powder, and butter or olive oil, cover it, and let it steam and saute until it's all tender and flavorful.

Oh hey, leftover waffle with melty Brie. I see you there.

Veggies layered on bread and cheese. More melting happens.

And then some poached eggs and pepper. And then eating. Lots of eating.

Dinners are a lot more variable, because i have more time and have spent all day thinking about what i want to eat. And working, obviously. But these two meals show up pretty frequently during the week.

Stay tuned for more food!

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