Wednesday, October 2, 2013

have a little faith in me

I had every intention of getting back to a regular posting schedule. Really. I did. Last Tuesday, i had a post half-written in my head. But then Wednesday morning at 5:01 AM, my sister called me to tell me that our grandfather had died. Wednesday night i had to work, and Thursday morning i flew down to Maryland. Poppop was cremated, so there was no rush on the service. I spent the next few days looking at old family photos, digging through relics (family Bible from 1870, holla!), and eating crazy amounts of junk food. Monday i flew back home, spent some time unpacking and detoxing, and went to Bible study. Tuesday was napping and a class. And ordering delivery. I've been too depressed to cook lately.

Anyway. I'm trying. It's been an unbelievably shitty year, but it's almost over now. I have never been so excited for the new year, not even in 1999.

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