Monday, October 21, 2013

Believe it or not, i *do* have a filter.

1. This is why i try really hard to avoid news sites. I stick to blogs and webcomics and other sites that are, at least, up front about their intention to entertain. I'd rather run the risk of missing a legitimate news item than be suckered in by salacious gossip masquerading as something important. And honestly? If there's real news i'll see it on Twitter.

2. ". . . assholes are exclusively people who have to be told how others might be feeling and who think they get special dispensation to do anything. If you're not questioning your behavior, that means everyone else is."

3. THIS IS SO COOL. I don't want to say too much about how cool it is, because a) that would be a blog post all by itself and b) that would involve me getting way more personal about my genitals than i feel comfortable doing right now, but yeah. Everyone read this, especially if you have lady parts/like people who have lady parts.

Also, of COURSE it was French researchers who did three years' worth of unfunded research on the clitoris. I've never been prouder of my heritage.

4. "By this point in your life, I hope I've taught you the importance of honesty, and so I’m going to be honest with you. I've done just about everything imaginable in my adult career and if you dig deep enough you will find things you might think are pretty awful. I can honestly say that I approached adult filmmaking as a job, and, like any job I've ever had, I felt it important to do my best. Sometimes doing my job well meant doing pretty gross things. Hopefully you never see that stuff."

5. Oh, man. Every day.

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