Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To Russia, With Love

Being the neurotic egomaniac that i am, i check my blog stats pretty obsessively. I try not to pay too much attention for most of the week, and track my monthly progress every Friday. And at the end of the month, i put together a grand tally.

I don't often look at my audience (the breakdown of readers by country, browser, and operating system), except to occasionally glance at it to see if there is anything weird.

In the year that i have been writing this blog, my all-time record of views per month was in February with 287. Other than that, i usually average about 250 views a month. Not bad, considering my almost total lack of self-promotion.

But in April, i have averaged 20 or 30 views a day, adding up to 530 so far this month. If i continue to get this many hits a day, i should close out the month with 600-700 total views.

This is weird.

So i've been investigating possible explanations, like popular search terms and other traffic sources. But there has been nothing out of the ordinary. As far as i can tell, people have been randomly finding my blog on their way to other things (like "should boyfriends past using webcams" or "athena's nipple nibblers review"), and have been staying to read. And while this is perfectly fine by me, i'm still curious about the sudden surge of readers.

So i looked at my audience tab.

Overwhelmingly, this month's readers are Russian. Or at least, they are reading my blog in Russia.

This is puzzling to me. My blog is written in English, i am American and live in the US, and i don't really write about Russia or travel or anything. Mostly i just babble about M&Ms or complain about my job, and while these are clearly universal concerns (especially the M&Ms), there is nothing i can see that would explain why Russia accounts for nearly 80% of my readership this month.

But hey, as long as they are reading, why should i give a damn?

So thank you, Russia. Make yourself at home. And please, tell your friends. And America? You're losing the race here. Step it up.

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