Saturday, April 6, 2013

terrible twos

Hey, so, also: my second anniversary of blogging happened two weeks ago. Woops.

Most popular post: still never settle.

Biggest referring URL is from Frank Viola; biggest referring site is Google. No idea what the difference is between referring URL and referring site.

People have found the blog by googling both "never settle tattoo" and "never settle tattoos". And also "gold body paint", which presumably led them to this.

Russian readership remains strong. As of today, i have had 1,998 visitors from Russia in the last two years, second only to the US's 4,707. Third place is the UK at 269.

Also, my brother is competing in the Boston marathon this year on a hand cycle, my roommates are still terrible but may be leaving soon (which is good for my peace of mind but bad for my blog material), my boyfriend and i are resisting my family's "suggestions" that we get engaged already and having lots of adventures with eating fresh doughnuts and riding trains and snuggling and visiting aquariums and deciding in advance how we will mess up our hypothetical future children. (Most recent idea? Teach them that certain random words are profane ["Jimmy! Never say 'wagon'! Where did you learn that word?! Go to your room!"] but teach them how to use actual swear words really, really well.) God and i are making up, but i'm still mad at a lot of "Christians". But it's a righteous anger, so it's fine. I'm working harder on getting my life together: eating well, getting and staying in shape, making doctor's appointments, budgeting my money, etc. Results vary. I'm getting comments now, which is weird and new, and people are following me on Twitter. In fact, the Bloggess is following me on Twitter, and when you add that to the heartfelt email exchange we had back in November of 2011, we're basically best friends. It's okay to be jealous. In fact, it's encouraged. Also, Neil Gaiman once responded to one of my tweets, and Honest Toddler sometimes favorites my replies to his/her tweets, AND Joshua Malina followed me after i paid him to. The fast lane: i am living in it.

If i had champagne, i'd drink it, but instead i'll celebrate with maple whiskey and root beer, A Game for Good Christians, and maybe some organic cheesy cracker things. Or nachos. Here's to year three!

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