Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So i bought an ice cream maker.

I love ice cream a whole lot, but i don't really eat it that often. Buying those tiny Haagen Dazs or Ben and Jerry's pints is delicious, but SO pricey. I could buy a whole gallon of Edy's for the same price, and let's face it, Edy's ice cream is pretty fucking delicious, too.

Honestly, it costs about the same to make my own ice cream (depending on whether i'm making a plain vanilla or something with flavors and chunks and swirls). And it makes about two quarts, which is a nice compromise size-wise. I had to put up some money initially, of course, for the machine, but i think of it as an investment in deliciousness.

I found this recipe for a toasted marshmallow coconut milk ice cream that sounded STUPID tasty. I mean, coconut and toasted marshmallow? And the pictures looked amazing: the meltiest, fluffiest, creamiest ice cream i had ever seen. Absolute perfection.

Here's the problem: something went wrong with the recipe. I don't totally know what; i suspect i didn't freeze the ice cream canister for long enough. I followed the user manual, but the ice cream turned out hard and icy. It tastes great, it's just the wrong texture. Kind of like a toasted marshmallow coconut milk ice pop. Which, you know, still cold and flavorful, which is all i really care about on a hot July afternoon, but it looks like i have some tweaking to do before i have any real ice cream.

In the meantime, i'll be drooling over recipes online.

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