Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I wrote this draft as part of a multi-genre research project for one of my classes. 
these birds are not angry
they’re all twitterpated
tweeting madly for followers
                John Cleese calls them “twats”
                Hannah Hart calls them “tweeps”
                i call them “fans”
                to inflate my own ego
tweet, retweet, favorite
create a hashtag punch line
hope that the Bloggess will see it
                shouting into chaos
                140 characters at a time
                how does one bird
                stand out from the rest?

at least the mafia requests have died down
should i add events before 2007?
i just edited my subscription to you
                are you only friends with me to be polite?
                what is your subscription to me?
                why did you like this picture
                and not that one?
Mark Zuckerberg keeps tinkering
so hard to control privacy
it’s not just my words, it’s my whole life
                how do i separate the ‘book’ from the ‘face’?
                how do i invite discussion without asking for a fight?
                is it better to be stalked or ignored?
                can’t i just sing my song?

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